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RUGID Computer, Inc. is a long-standing, 30+ year old company that designs and manufactures industrial controllers. The majority of their market had been in the water and waste industries. However, after reconnecting with their customer base, branching out to new industries, and offering new products, the brand needed a refreshed identity.

With their logo gathering over 30 years of branding and notoriety with their clientele, we needed to maintain the existing feel while giving it a modernized look. We carried their existing linework and color scheme into the new logo while giving the business a streamlined aesthetic that worked hand-in-hand with their offerings.

Kurt was wonderful to work with. He was very responsive and easy to communicate with! We gave him the tall task of revising an old logo when we really had no idea what we wanted. We relied heavily on his experience and creativity to provide different options and he did a great job incorporating our feedback and we are very pleased with the result. I would not hesitate to recommend or use on future projects

Cheryl M.

VP Visual Design & Engineering

Rugid Computer, Inc.

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