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How To Create A Campfire Connection With Your Customers

When a "campfire connection" is made between you and your potential customers, that's when a true business relationship begins.

“Kurt, what the heck is a campfire connection?

Many of us, if not most of us have had the pleasure of sitting around a warm campfire on a beautiful summer night. What comes to mind?

🔥Great conversation

🔥Building relationships



Sitting beside a great campfire is where memories are made among great people.

What if that feeling could be carried over into a business relationship? 🤔

It can! It’s all a matter of how you position your branding. Let your customers know the face behind the business. Allow yourself to be a little vulnerable so people can connect with you, trust you, and eventually buy from you.

Follow-through with an excellent customer service experience, and you’ve just strengthened that campfire connection.

Video is a great platform to kickstart this process. If you need help creating a personal relationship with your customer base, I can help you.

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