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Your Brand Creates A Trail Of Experiences

Many business owners commonly mistake their logo for their brand. While a logo is a large part of your brand, it’s just one piece of the puzzle that makes up the entirety of the brand experience you offer your customers.

Deep, right? Let me explain.

Your brand is the culmination of everything that a customer would experience when coming in contact with your business. It’s what makes your business unique.

• The copy on your social media posts

• The look/feel of your business card

• The interior design of your shop

• The way you greet people on a phone call

These experiences – and many more – when added together, create a perception of a brand in someone's mind. One that will ultimately lead them to a decision of becoming your customer or going somewhere else.

If you have a brand that truly resonates with someone, you have the opportunity to earn a loyal customer.

🔥 Ask yourself, “what is the ‘brand’ of my business?”

If you don’t have a clear answer, send me a message, let's talk through it.

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