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Melvin Tsui is an extremely talented composer and sound designer who creates epic orchestral music for gaming and film applications. This logo needed to be symbolic of the heavy driving “battle music” that Melvin is known for. It was important to Melvin that the logo had a stand-alone emblem that could be used on its own or in tandem with his name.

Our initial sketch work led me to a combination of a shield and sword concept. With much of Melvin’s work being within the fantasy realm, the sword and shield symbolism cemented where his creative loyalties lie. Utilizing his initials in the mark further strengthened his branding.

Kurt did an amazing job with my logo. Did everything asked and more. Was prompt with the delivery of samples and

was able to effectively convey my ideas. It was great working with Kurt and would work with him again in the future.

Melvin T.

Composer & Sound Designer

Melvin Tsui Personal Brand Logo

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