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When you are your business, creating a logo is very personal. As a photographer, your logo is an extension of yourself. That was the case for MB Bryant Images. MaryBeth needed a mark that carried an impact and set her apart from the many photographers in the market.  MaryBeth’s inspiration for the design came from the Buddhist symbol for enlightenment: 

the unalome.

The theme of the unalome needed to be tastefully incorporated into the logo in a classy and modern way.  After experimenting with the unalome, we discovered that if it were turned on its side, it resembled an “M.” After plenty of sketch work and mock-ups we beautifully captured this abstract idea — the essence of the unalome was there — along with her signature look and feel.

Working with Kurt was great! I hired him to help with a logo/brand design. I came to the table with a somewhat vague and complicated vision on what I wanted. He expertly took the idea, listened to my vision and came up with something that fit perfectly. His communication was awesome and his interest in really understanding what impact I wanted with the brand was very much appreciated. The end result was better than I could have imagined. His communication, professionalism, creativity were top notch. Look forward to working with him again on more projects.

MaryBeth Bryant


MB Bryant Images

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