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Industry Career Toolkit is a premium/high-end career support website for industries like construction, oil & gas, engineering, and mining. With the client's target market being primarily male-dominated, Paul wanted a logo that conveyed traditional masculine feelings along with a touch of premium

brand personality.

Strength, boldness, and trust were all words that resonated with this identity. The logo is all-encompassing as a stand-alone graphic. I chose a strong, bold typeface that conveys masculinity. The latch of the toolkit is made from the ICT initials. The “I” is hidden in the negative space while the “C” and “T” are

more obvious.

From the get-go, I felt Kurt really cared about my project, had an awesome positive attitude and friendly demeanor, and was all around just fantastic to work with.


On top of being great to work with, Kurt went above and beyond -- delivering far and above what I ever expected or what would have been required days ahead of schedule, using his expertise to arm me with the absolute best logo possible (and design versions of it) to achieve my business goals.


If you want to work with an awesome designer who's friendly, creative, and strategic with an eye for matching your vision, hire Kurt.

Paul H.


Industry Career Toolkit

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